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Updated 2 December 2013


January 17, 2014

July 2012 - June 2013 Annual report is now available in the Plans and Documents section.

December 2, 2013

Draft of the 2014-2017 Unified Workforce Investment Plan posted.  Click here to view the document.


March 20, 2013

On Wednesday, March 20, 2013, a hiring event was held at the Cumberland County College Luciano Conference Center for veterans and their spouses.  The "Hiring Our Heroes" event was held in coordination with the Cumberland/Salem Workforce Investment Board, Cumberland County One Stop Career Center, NJDOLWD Veterans Services, Cumberland County Veteran's Services and Cumberland County College.

Eighteen employeers were on location with multiple positions open.  Attendees were able to meet with human resource representatives and complete applications on the spot.  Cumberland County College also had a representative on location providing information on educational programs and opportunities available to veterans.  Over one-hundred individuals registered for the event.

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October 17, 2012


The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development recently issued a Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO) under the title of Literacy4Jersey Consortium Grants. The complete NGO is available at the following website address/location:

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Consistent with the Literacy4Jersey NGO instructions, the grant’s defined target populations and the Cumberland Salem Workforce Investment Board’s Adult Education Literacy Plan, the following education activities have been identified as priority needs (activities that will assist in filling service gaps that currently exist in local area) that must be addressed in whole or in part by grant applicants.

  • Programs that operate within day-time hours and offer individuals to be served a minimum of 15 hours per week (preferable 20 hours per week) of instruction.

·Programs that serve individuals who possess a GED or High School Diploma but have been assessed as functioning at a National Reporting Systems Educational Functioning Level* that is below that necessary to successfully enter employment, post-secondary education and/or occupational skills training.

NOTE: While need exists in both Counties, the need for this type of service is most acute in Salem County.

  • Programs that serve individuals who DO NOT possess a GED or High School Diploma and have been assessed as being at one of the following National Reporting Systems Educational Functioning Levels*:
      • Low Intermediate Basic Education
      • High Intermediate Basic Education
      • Low Adult Secondary Education
      • High Adult Secondary Education.

NOTE: While need exists in both Counties, the need for this type of service is most acute in Cumberland County.

  • Programs that serve individuals in need of English-as-a Second Language (ESL) skills who have been assesses as being at one of the following National Reporting Systems Educational Functioning Levels*:

·Low Intermediate ESL

·High Intermediate ESL

·Advanced ESL.

  • Programs that offer Basic PC Skills training as a component of the adult literacy instruction program and/or incorporate Basic PC Skills training within the context of the Adult Education instructional activity to be provided.

* Detailed descriptions of the National Reporting System (NRS) Educational Functioning Levels and Tables can be found at:


For further information about exploring opportunities to join the existing Cumberland Salem Adult Education Consortium for purposes related to the Literacy4Jersey Consortium grant and/or other adult education related grants that may become available in the future, contact Christy DiLeonardo by email at


Entities interested in forming a separate consortium for purposes related to applying for the Literacy4Jersey Consortium Grant, must contact Christy DiLeonardo by email at to obtain further information about establishing grant required coordination with local the One-Stop Career Centers and WIB defined educational need priorities.

January/February 2012

Talent Networks

Talent Networks Add Value to Employers & Job Seekers

In today’s rapidly changing employment market, it is critical to have a fluid, statewide workforce system skilled in quickly responding to employers and job-seeker needs.More than half of New Jersey workers are employed in six industries and pay more than two-thirds of wages paid in New Jersey.These newly-created Talent Networks will assist employers searching for qualified candidates by leveraging their experience, understanding of the ever-changing job market, and their access to New Jersey’s training providers and educational leaders.

How does a Talent Network help your business?

The goal of the “Talent Networks” is to connect businesses in six key industries with educational institutions, workforce development agencies, government and community groups to identify the skills and training Garden State employers require in prospective employees to remain competitive in the global market. By being trained in those skills, students and job-seekers will be able to find long-term jobs in New Jersey and help to boost the state’s economy.

What sectors are represented in the Talent Networks?

Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution (Rutgers University): Known as a corridor state, New Jersey is well positioned to maximize job opportunities in the areas of trucking, wholesale trade companies, warehousing and the movement of goods.

Life Sciences (BioNJ): Biotechnology, life-science firms, developing medical devices often include high paying, talent-driven jobs that require specialized skills.This industry is just beginning to show its long-term promise.

Advanced Manufacturing (New Jersey Institute of Technology): These smaller, leaner, high-tech, specialty manufacturers are areas primed for growth if properly nurtured and provided with the uniquely skilled workforce that suits their needs.

Financial Services (Newark Alliance): From banks and mortgage firms to CPAs and programming operations, financial services are the backbone that supports numerous ancillary industries.

Health Care (Rutgers University): Growing even at the height of the recession, the healthcare industry possesses a wide range of jobs, from aides to people collecting data.

Technology and Entrpreneurship (New Jersey Technology Council):  Encompassing a wide assortment of business, from start-up companies to telecommunication firms, job growth opportunities are extensive.

Retail, Hospitality & Tourism:  The mission of the Retail, Hospitality and Tourism (RHT) Talent Network is to work with RHT employers to identify which types of skills are most valuable in potential employees.  The Talent Network then helps future employees get the training they need to qualify for jobs in retail, hospitality and tourism. 


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